de de pyar de review: morden love story


    full of romance and comedy

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 director   –  akiv ali

  producer –  bhusan kumar, luv panjan, ankur garg

star          –  Ajay Devgan, rakul Preet, Javed jaffari, tabu, Madhu Malti Kapoor, Alok Nath,


story base-  a 50 yeard old single husband whos need to love and support  like de de Pyar de finally he       falls in love with 26 years old girl which she has half of his age and both decide to marry but now they  ahead many problems first is what say system and how convence to his ex-wife and his family


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 De de  pyar de

This story  base a rich and single 50 years old man(Ajay Devgn )which that fall in love with a 26-year-old girl aysa(raku Preet) they both lived in London they both meet an incident also worked in a bar and Ashish(Ajay Devgn) is a  investor that’s why he is very rich he lived in London since 2001 single . they both attract towards each other and finally they fall in love they spend some times together and they finally decide to get married that’s why they come back in India Ashish want aysa meet his family mom dad daughter son and his x-wife tabu)   but their timing is wrong because which day they have come that day Ashish daughter,s engagement with his boyfriend she hates his father(Ashish) for all thats regions Ashish does not meet aysa to his family in this movie has some good and impressive dialogues like…




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Aysa little bit jealous of Aashish ex-wife tabu and tabu jealous of aysa they both ignore and insult every time and find mistake to each other and tus the movie reached end in the last, aysa leaved Ashish goes back to London and because of this, Ashish seems very upset  tabu has his problem not seen that’s why she brings aysa back from London and so both Ashish and aysa get together 

happy ending



some intersting lines

  • tuje ladki dikki or ladkki ko paisa
  • knyadyan krne ki umar maie to knya ka…. kr rha h
  • tum 50 ke ho or wo 26 ki 10 saal baad tum chah ke be kuch nhi kr paoge so wo tume cheat hi kregi
  • dek  teri new mummy dadji ab aap pls lo mt abe teri to tere baap ne le li
  •  tumne btya nhi tumare dad aye hai



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