blank movie review ( base of story)


hello friends today i tell you some interesting fact about blank movie  first or fall may b you need to know who is the producer, director, actor, singer, co-producer, releasing date, etc of this movie may be you not know don’t worry I tell you everything so now let’s go on blank movie review 2019

Blank movie


Director-     Behzad Khambata


Producer–  shrikant,  Nishant pitti  Tony d souja


Stars –        Karan Kapadia , Sunny Deol, Ishita Dutta …see full cast & crew


Synopsis – this movie makes on suicide bomber which that loses her memory and make a suicide                                bomber which that blast anywhere and anytime


Sunny Deol role is a ats cheap, krann pandiya is a suicide  bomber wich name is handeep, Sandeep has gone accident in beginning of movie that’s why he lost his memory now fit a bomb his chest now do have fit  a bomb his chest this bomb connect with his heartbeat when heartbeat is stopped bomb is blast now with this bomb 24 more bombs is connected like that sleeper cells of Pakistan showing this movie whos have these type of bomb now handeep really lost her memory or he is lying does the Mumbai police doing  deactivate this or not for knowing all things you watched the movie

When I see Sunny Deol in bhaiya ji superhit relly I was very hurt  and I thought why sunny Deol get any interesting movie today i see sunny deol in blank really am happy  although old suuny paaaji not look here old mean is here old suuny dialogue acting and action which that not see here although one sees is when sunny Deol his angry and all is silent in this movie sunny deal in, not a normal acting even here he doing serious acting this movie is going good and simplicity  for that region I like this charter of sunny deol and movie also

By showing this movie Pakistani sleep cell how to do work in india and how to do help bomb blast, how toririresum born new tourist and by born them he learns angreenes. Mafrat etc.

And also learn  them kattr thinking how do brainwash on religious and how get training them for making terrorist that people target is kasbe A hind and in this movie thri a hind is used in many times kattr wadi thinking how to demotivate people in internal these like things showing this movie in this movie showing two types of toerisisum fist one is which that is leader of terrorism and second one is taking like a business and  also doing brainwash to new tourists from the name of terrorist how to initiate the religious these type of terrorist showing here like one is Abdul Kareem Ansari organization looking is here which that planning all every boom blast he is thinking about terrorism like a business and how terrorist blind from fire of angerness nafrat this is also showing this movie like a Faruk character which caught by ats and beat him  in during of phcuhtach but he don’t tell anything and also says his you family is there, where is bomb then he says I also get there we all die together it all happening in a seen


And now like that movie touched with me end movie never get me bored any seen and anywhere for kran kasdiya we have don’t see more acting more time he has not to own  

Memory that’s why we not see any good seen for that region i do not get any good expression for that as a region  we say the movie is more better from this original version

One part is good of movie Still creat suspense origion to last.  it was I  never expect till like such seen is also in this movie and finally I just saying movie is good or average this movie story match by akasays baby and Shabnam




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