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the zoya factor

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the zoya factor

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The Zoya Factor audit: Dulquer Salmaan hits it out of the recreation center

Based Anuja Chauhan’s tale, Zoya Factor is a romantic comedy about Zoya, a promoting specialist and her association with the commander of group India, Nikhil Khoda

the zoya fact

directed by        }        abishek sharma


  • sonam kapoor        } zoya singh solanki
  • sulquer salman } nikhil khoda
  • sanjay kapoora } vijayendara singh solanki

produced by }

  • pooja shetty deora } producer
  • kalindar mulani } line producer
  • arti shetty } producer

casting by

  • shurti mahajan

production mangment

  • tanish arora } assistant production manager
  • khan awal } production executive
  • chandanraj parayan } production manager

other crew

  • varad bhatnagar } dialouge coach
  • robert miller } sport coordinator


How far would luck be able to take you on issues of the heart? Or then again throughout everyday life? Fate, or choice and assurance?

In a nation where even those with the most logical viewpoint submit to sitting in one position or wearing their ‘fortunate shading’ when the Indian cricket crew is playing a significant match, The Zoya Factor that serves us cricket and its going with trickeries with a sentimental wind, has a genuinely decent possibility of engaging the group of spectators.

the zoya factor
1 poster of the zoya factor

In light of Anuja Chauhan’s book by a similar name, the film is an agreeable lighthearted comedy that means from the attempted and tried equation. Zoya Solanki (a lesser marketing specialist), very Bridgette Joneseque in her blundering ways, sees herself as the most unfortunate young lady on the planet. Also, with valid justifications – her rich dental specialist beau has quite recently dumped her for being also infra-burrow, while her manager at the advertisement organization she works for, fantasizes about terminating her.

Be that as it may, soon, her karma turns when she gets an opportunity to shoot an advertisement with the Indian cricket crew. Zoya inadvertently meets Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan) the dishy group chief and ends up welcome to a morning meal with the group! Things appear to go swimmingly well till she happens to let slip the way that her father(played by Sanjay Kapoor) thought she was fortunate for the Indian cricket crew as they won the World Cricket in 1983, the very day that she was conceived! In a fortuitous situation, the group which had been battling in the arrangement up to this point observers a snappy turnaround in the match that pursues. Is it without a doubt The Zoya Factor, or the diligent work and procedure that captain Nikhil Khoda has confidence in?

the zoya factor
a picture between to movie

With its idiosyncratic reason, The Zoya Factor is light and foamy similarly as romcoms ought to be, and ticks against all containers particularly the essential combo of a mysterious yet attractive legend and a gorgeous yet gullible courageous woman.

Chief Abhishek Sharma, best known for Tere Bin Laden cows it is simply the correct heading avoiding lecturing on superstitions or sexual orientation fairness or whatever, a typical component in movies nowadays. Rather, he keeps to the guarantee of a comedic sentiment simply the thought that the women love. The situational humor in the film is brilliant and the cricket coordinate discourse pressed with quips is a powerful figure of speech that uplifts the satire remainder.

Sonam Kapoor, as the ditzy Zoya is delightful. Urbane romantic comedies surely suit her and Kapoor is showing signs of improvement with each film. Her ridiculous and blundering symbol functions admirably. In a scene where she meets hotshot AK (Anil Kapoor) for an advertisement shoot instructions, she stands her ground and you can consider a to be moved as an on-screen character. Driving man Dulquer Salmaan gets adequate screen time and he is amazing loaning only the appropriate measure of fun-loving nature and sentimental force. It is protected to state that while he is as of now amazingly prominent in the south, with The Zoya Factor, his fame is probably going to overflow to the Hindi talking auds too, particularly the ladies. Their on-screen science just helps the film’s motivation. Sikandar Kher as Zoya’s sibling Zorawar is great even in a little job, as are Koel Purie, Angad Bedi and Manu Rishi.

the zoya factor
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Anuja Chauhan, the top of the line writer, known for her bound with-wry-humor chick lit and spunky and fun female characters has done Hindi movies extraordinary support by enabling her book to be transformed into a film. In the event that this film prevails in the cinema world as I presume it will, she may have brought forth another layout for champion drove films in India. By chance, the rights for this book had been at first obtained by Red Chillies Entertainment numerous moons prior. However, the film never got made till it, in the end, got re-gained by Pooja and Aarti Shetty and saw the light of the day after numerous years. Each film accompanies its very own fate that makes it sparkle or tank. Fortune supports the bold and this one with all the ability it’s furnished with in addition to The Zoya Factor absolutely appears to hold the guarantee of film industry achievement











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